Friday Night Fakeaway – Curry Night

I probably don’t need to tell you that cooking at home tends to be lower in calories, higher in nutrients and a damn sight cheaper. So I won’t.

Instead I will tell you how delicious this recipe tastes and how EASY and QUICK it is to make.

You don’t need to make anything from scratch, it uses sauce from a jar AND microwave rice (whaaaat?! I know, mental).

Realistically we tend to go for a take out option because it’s quicker and easier. An alternative should reflect that. The time saving part is part of the turn on. Well let me tell you. This curry will turn you on fo’show.

The only effort this needs from you is chopping an onion and some garlic. And you could even skip that out if you really, really CBA. (no judgment, we’ve all been there).

The calories in your average take away tikka masala can clock upwards of 1200 calories and that’s without rice, adding up to 500kcal. My alternative comes in at 840kcal for the full meal (and it’s a generous portion), or 720kcal by swapping the salmon for chicken. I’ve opted for salmon to get those oh so important Omega 3 oils. You could also keep it vegan friendly and use neither.

Recipe makes enough for 2. Nutrition info per portion:

with salmon:

Protein: 52g      Carbs: 86.5g      Fats:  32.4g     Kcal: 839

with chicken:

Protein: 52g      Carbs: 86.5g      Fats: 19g     Kcal: 718

without meat:

Protein: 16.3g   Carbs: 85.8g      Fats: 17.4g   Kcal: 560

salmon curry 1

What to do.

Chop 3 cloves of garlic and 1 red onion and heat in 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

When soft, add 1 jar of Tikka Masala sauce*, and 1 tin of chickpeas, drained, and a few handfuls of spinach leaves. Leave on a medium heat and let the spinach wilt in to the sauce.

In a non stick pan, cook your salmon/chicken. You could also bake in the oven if you prefer.

Microwave a pouch of Mixed Brown Rice & Wild Rice until steaming.

Divide the rice between two bowls, along with the chickpea and spinach curry. Top with your salmon/chicken.

That’s literally it. Probably took less time than waiting for your Deliveroo driver to go past your house 3 times, call you twice to say he’s outside and then leg it up the road because he was knocking on the wrong door.

If you’re feeling really fancy you can add some coriander to make it look all cheffy.

Saving £s and saving lbs.

salmon curry 2.jpg

*the brand of sauce you buy will alter the macro content. These numbers are based on a 320g jar, 92kcal per 100g.



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