Is red meat going to kill me?

Red meat. Those two words probably scare a lot of you now after what’s been in the news recently.

So what’s the deal?

Red meat has been shown to increase risk of some cancers by 20-30% when consumed regularly. However, it’s undetermined if it’s the red meat itself, or the cooking method used; and this risk is far greater looking at processed red meat sources; things like sausages, bacon; and factory farmed meat.

Red meat can be a very nutritious source of protein.

Modern farming and processing techniques can affect the nutrient density of most foods.  Grass fed and grain fed animals produce very different foods. Grass fed meat is usually higher in micro nutrients than grain fed, it’s also usually less fatty, and has a better taste. Organic meat has been naturally fed without hormones or drugs or chemicals.

100g of lean, organicgrass fed beef can provide you

Vitamin B3, vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A, Vitamin E, Omega 3; plus being a great source of protein and amino acids required for brain function and muscle development.

Yes I know, I know. But grass fed meat is so expensive.

That kinda just means we’re tackling 2 problems at once.

Problem 1: Consuming too much.

Problem 2: Consuming poor quality.

Solution: Buying higher quality, less often.

Consuming less red meat and choosing high quality sources can not only assist your personal health, but your environmental footprint too.

(So wait, is that 3 problems we’re tackling now?)

EVERY food has a place in the diet. Red meat included. But where and how you choose to get it, makes all the difference.

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