Why you don’t need to diet this Easter Weekend.

It’s Easter Weekend.
I want to start this by saying I intend on spending the weekend eating hot cross buns, destroying easter eggs, hopefully enjoying a roast dinner (I’m looking at you, Mum), and probably drinking too much (let’s be real).
Nothing about this post is going to imply otherwise or suggest you don’t do the same.

The thing I want to talk about is having a weekend ‘off the diet’.

If the way we are eating needs to be stopped and started again, that’s probably an indication that your diet isn’t working for you.

It is perfectly okay to have days where you don’t eat within your usual pattern, or you aren’t as physically active as normal and then to just carry on with your life.

You don’t need to ‘make up for it’ by punishing yourself at the gym or starving yourself on lettuce. It doesn’t really work like that.

By giving yourself the weekend ‘off’ it can mean we end up consuming even more than we usually would have, and doing even less because we have to take advantage of the time off. This is Diet Mentality.

Instead, view it like this.

If you get the opportunity for a walk, a run around with the kids or even a workout then take it.
If you can make your family activities as active as possible then do.
If there’s vegetables in front of you, eat them before another chocolate bunny.
Equally, if you can’t do any of these things, don’t, and if you want a hot cross bun, have it.

Allow yourself the enjoyment and the understanding that it’s completely okay and well within your healthy lifestyle to have a weekend that’s different to normal.

Once you allow yourself this mindset you’ll never have to
‘start again on Monday’
because a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need pausing.

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