My Meat Free Month

This wasn’t something I did intentionally, well not at first. It was about half way through January when I realised I hadn’t eaten meat since New Year’s Day. So I thought, hey let’s make this a thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t an excessive meat eater to begin with, so this wasn’t a huge adjustment for me. Years ago, I used to eat meat every day, if not twice a day but I’ve been decreasing my consumption over the past few years for environmental and ethical reasons, however I’ve never tried avoiding it completely before. (Apart from when I was 11 and tried to be vegetarian for lent and my mum wouldn’t let me… Cheers Mum)

In general, this time I didn’t find the experience that different from my previous eating habits, except from a higher emphasis on carbohydrates. I keep quite a high protein content in my diet due to my training regime (#gainz), meaning I had to consume quite a high level of carbs as many plant based protein sources are also carbohydrates. But, I love carbs so that’s cool. When it comes to plant based meals, I’m a HUGE advocate for a slow cooker. Oh daym, how my life did change after this purchase. Dinner ready as soon as I get home? YES PLEASE. Game changer. 10/10 recommend this product.

Also, can we talk about how much cheaper it is to eat plant based???? Lentils are like 50p. I’m a fan.

I did pay attention to amino acid profiling when making purely plant based meals, however I was eating eggs, yoghurt and some fish so I didn’t worry about this too much. In case you don’t know what amino acid profiling is – it’s combining plant based sources of protein to create ‘complete proteins’ which contain all the essential amino acids. Vegans – this something to be aware of if you aren’t already, this tool is great for working out AA contents (NB you don’t need to obsess about this, just make sure you’re eating a wide variety of protein containing foods)

So….Will I be adopting a vegetarian diet?

In a word: No.

For 3 reasons:

Reason 1: I’m really f**king nosy. I’m curious about all food. If I’m in a new country, or culture or restaurant and presented with something I’ve never seen, I want it. And Imma have it.

Reason 2: I’m very anti restriction, of any type. I fully understand people make certain dietary choices, for various reasons and I commend and admire that. However, I have only recently (in the past year or so) developed a strong, all inclusive relationship with food and I’m not prepared to risk that by introducing any type of restriction (except for Brazil nuts cos they are gross). So at least for now, I’m not ready.

Reason 3: Roast dinners. Nuff said.

Honestly I can’t say I feel different at all.

Will I eat meat again in the future? Yes. Will I eat plant based again in the future? Yes. Will I be aware of every choice I make and the consequences of that decision? Yes.

Small changes make a big difference.


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