Italian Meatballs and Baked Eggs

A few weeks ago I needed some inspiration for a menu I was planning. Everything needed to be authentic Italian and I’d already been through hundreds of recipes I’d made before I wanted something new. I asked all my family if they could remember anything they’d eaten in Italy that they loved and my brother in-law described this dish to me.

Now I wasn’t sure whether to trust the palette of devout Northerner with Norwegian roots, in his Italian delicacies. But I gave it a try. And maaaaaaan. So should you. Any fellow gym goers out there – this is a great post work out dinner.


The great thing about it, is it’s so easy to change up, you can easily change the nutritional profile – need vegetarian meatballs? Make mushroom & lentil. Want more protein? Use turkey mince.

This is how I made it


250g lean beef mince, in a bowl with dried basil, oregano, a little smoked paprika, black pepper & a small amount of bread crumbs. Mixed all together and then divided in to balls.


I coloured the meatballs in a wide pan, until browned all over, then removed and set aside. In the same pan, I softened 2 chopped cloves of garlic, and 1 chopped red onion. When translucent and starting to go golden, I added 2 tinned of plum tomatoes and crushed them with a wooden spoon. Then I diced 2 large tomatoes and added them to the sauce and simmered it all down until it reduced by about a quar


Next I added chopped fresh parsley, and torn fresh basil, black pepper, salt, dried oregano and a splash of worcestershire sauce .

I placed the meatballs in a dish, covered with the sauce and made 3 la

rge ‘dents’ which I cracked 3 eggs  in to. Sprinkled with parmesan cheesea grind of black pepper and baked for 20-25 until the eggs are opaque.

I served it with a rocket & tomato salad. Nom.

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