Seasonal Sweets

Last week, the gardener where I work, brought in a HUUGE bag of gooseberries grown in the gardens. Now I’m a big fan of home growing n all that jazz so you can imagine how excited I was…

My only problem, was gooseberries need SO. MUCH. SUGAR.

They are naturally very tart, and difficult to eat with out sweetening. So I created some seasonal recipes trying to be a savvy as poss with my sugar. Have a go.

Gooseberry & Raspberry Almond Crumblecof

Rinse, top and tail around 250g of gooseberries (or whatever you can grow/source). Make a compote with the berries, a little water, the juice of half a lemon and 3 tablespoons of honey (I used honey, but maple syrup would probably work fine too). When softened, leave to cool and make the topping. Combine 75g of softened butter or coconut oil, with 75g plain/spelt flour, 100g oats, 75g flaked almonds and 50g brown/coconut sugar. Rub together to a crumbly consistency. Pour the gooseberry compote into an oven proof dish and add 150g of fresh raspberries. Top with the crumble mix and bake until golden brown (around 30 mins at 180).

The raspberries and lemon juice help to balance the tart gooseberries, whilst the almonds & honey provide natural sweetness.

IMG_20180709_183446.jpgGooseberry & Elderflower Yoghurt Fool

Gooseberry fool is somewhat of a British classic, but is falling out of style pretty fast. The 4 ingredients usually being, gooseberries, cream, custard & sugar. So not the best for the old ticker. My version is somewhat lighter, simpler and has a modern twist.

Firstly, make a gooseberry compote with 250g of gooseberries, the juice of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of elderflower cordial. Cook gently until a compote like consistency that isn’t too wet. Leave to cool in the fridge.

When cold, fold into 300g of full fat Greek yoghurt. Leave aside a few spoonfuls for decoration. Serve with fresh fruits, and probably a gin and tonic.

Summer is here!

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