About Me.

So. I’m Iz.

I’m a Registered Personal Trainer, qualified Chef, training Nutritional Therapist and usually a bit of a laugh.

I appreciate good coffee, and good banter. I like to lift heavy things, I pretend I’m more flexible than I am and consider myself a ‘social’ netballer (might not see me on the court but you’ll definitely see me in the pub), and I take my health and well being very seriously, with a good dose of reality.

I’m anti diet, restriction and basically anything that makes you feel inadequate.

If you’ve come here for recipes involving juicers or kale and videos of butt workouts, you’re on the wrong page. But if you’re looking for great tasting actual food with recipes that are easy to follow, and articles to help you understand health and fitness, then this is the page for you.

A healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone and I’m here to help you establish yours.

We’re here for a good time not a long time. So don’t waste a day feeling less than your best damn self.


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